Lake Treatment
Lake Treatment

Lake Treatment


For some reason (not explainable or understandable) the Lake weeds are still pretty much dormant except for the east end of the Lake.  The current situation is similar to the time frame of when the first ice breaks open on the lakes. Therefore, to save resources the typical early June application will only address the unusually strong algae growth and only spot treat the east end of the Lake for milfoil.
For this application – scheduled for June 2nd (weather permitting) there will be no long restrictions for our subdivisionNO BOAT TRAFFIC, swimming or irrigation on DAY OF TREATMENT only.  Lake activities can resume to normal on June 3 (boating, swimming, irrigation..).
The lake will be reassessed and the regular noxious weed control will be scheduled in the future.
                                                                   Annie VanGelderen
As with all Lake treatments, the boat launch lock will be changed for the day and back to normal after the treatment.