Homestead Shores

Homestead Shores

board of directors

Board Members President, Annie VanGelderen Vice President, Lou Spanberger Treasurer, Tom Krosofsky Trustee, Michael Holdwick Secretary, Christopher Roca [email protected]

leadership management

The Association has retained the services of a management company for operational support. Leadership Management can be contacted directly for information regarding any Association documents or forms in addition to general questions regarding the Association. Leadership...


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Our goal is to provide relevant Association information and documents.

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neighborhood information

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And Helpful Reminders . . .

Boating Season  Please remember the following rules:

  1. At the end of boating season (after Labor Day weekend) residents have two (2) weeks to have boats on their driveway to prepare for winterization.
  2. Trailers without boats on them must be removed from your property after one (1) day.
  3. Vehicles with trailers are NOT ALLOWED to be parked in the street. You must park your vehicle/trailer in your own driveway, or get permission from a neighbor to use their driveway.
  4. The gate must be closed and locked at all times. Once you remove your vehicle from the premises, please close and lock the gate.
  5. Boats are NOT ALLOWED to remain in the boat launch area unattended beyond the time it may take you to move your vehicle after boat launch or retrieve your vehicle before boat removal.
  6. The use of the boat launch is for our Association residents only – meaning your boat, not your boat and/or your friend’s boat. If you are going to have someone else place your boat in the water, you need to be present to unlock and relock the boat launch gate.

Beach Reminders

PLEASE Keep Unattended/Unleashed Dogs off the Beach:

The Bylaws clearly provide that pets shall at all times be leashed and attended by a responsible person while on the Common Elements. Additionally, each Co-owner is responsible for the collection/disposition of fecal matter “deposited” by that Co-owner’s pet. Bylaws, Article VI, Section 7.

NO vehicle parking in the circle drive while at the Beach.

NO boats docked in the designated SWIM AREA.

Bike and golf cart traffic should use the new path (to the right).


Reminder that when possible, vehicles should be kept in your garage. No inoperable vehicles of any type may be stored on your property, either temporarily or permanently.

Garbage Receptacles

Must be stored in garages except for day of pick-up and the evening before.

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